F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

I made this section to awnser the common questions I get from time to time. I'm not going to sugar coat the awnsers so if one offends you then I'm sorry. You've been warned!

Why did you start making webpages?

I was bored and wanted to learn something new. Also I saw all these cool pages and wanted to add myown out there on the net. I was also learning Flash aswell so I figured I'd work on both.

Who are you?

Im the spawn of the.. oh what do you people call it... devil. Atleast thats what I keep being told. Other than that.. I will never know the awnser.

No really... who are you?

If your looking for a name to put to the online persona then the closest you will get is from my Twitter account. I don't like posting my real name online and I don't change how I act while I'm online. Ya can all me paranoid all you want but thats just me. I keep my online dealings w/ people online. Same gose for my offline time tho I do keep my online name when at LANs or w/ friends. (Real life.. Not the online wannabes that follow you just to get the latest gossip). X(

How did you come up with the name of the site?

It from a nickname I used along time ago (I still use from time to time.. depending on the game) when I played games online or in one of the many RPGs on the computer. I probly could have come up with a better name but didn't. Not planning on changing it anytime soon.. if ever.

What games do you play since you mentioned playing some?

I play mostly RPG's tho I'm fairly picky on what ones I play (IE: FF Series). I do also play other generes of games from shooters to stratagy. I would have to make a post on what i play based on genere. I been playin Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, and a few other console based games. Keep an eye out on the boards for more of a profile page I may (or may not) create.

Why dose this FAQ suck?

Not sure.... if you think it sucks then it sucks to you. These are questions that I have been asked in person or online somewhere.. if you dont like it then do read them.. simple eh?