Welcome to the twitch live stream for MS Domain.

I will be streaming on a odd schedule since I work at odd times so I will post on my twitter account and on the main site when I will be streaming. This page is setup for the live chat that is shown on the live stream. The chat rules are the same since it's the same chatroom for the site.. so please follow those rules. To see those rules click here and it will open in a new window. It also has the information if you wish to join the chat with your own client.

I stream at 1080p and between 30-60fps depending on the game or whatever I am streaming at that the time. I will also (once i can setup for it) start posting some of the videos on my youtube channel.

Watch this stream and chat with those from the twitch channel by clicking the video itself and it will take you right to the Twitch website and to this stream.

Chat Rules

The rules for the live chatroom are the same as the rules for the sites chatroom and forums. The only diffrence is that you can be banned alot easlier when the chat is live than when it's just for normal chatroom use. I do keep the chatroom monitored personally so I will ban when I have the chat live. Since this chatroom is linked to the stream anything you say is being recored and shown to the world. If you say anything that isn't appropriate to use when you're out in public.. just dont say it. I don't have bots but I always look for new moderators to help with the chat flood.

Oh and one final note.. if you are banned do not start flaming my forums on how unfair it was that you got banned and that you were not doing anything wrong. I keep a log of all the chat conversations that show so if you want to rectify the problem please send me a PM on the forums with your chatroom name, date/time (MST conversion please), and the reason you should have the ban lifted. I will go over it (and with the moderators that were involved) and will determin if the ban is lifted or adjusted. Only ask once or I will nullify the request and let the ban carry out for the duration that was set.

Thank you and enjoy the stream!