sitenews Homepage Update
Well again I take forever to post anything here but I have been busy with work to update as frequent as I would like. I was able to update the homepage with a different layout so I hope you like it. I've been learning some new stuff for HTML 5 and I recently got a PHP/SQL book to learn more on that. I've also been working on some other projects that I'm keeping secret for the time being.

Along with the new layout I've added a page for my twitch stream. The link will take you to a page I made that shows the stream and this sites chatroom on the same page. When I have the live chat on in the stream it's from this sites chat. At the moment the Twitch chat isn't linked to the live stream at this time. It's not that I just have more time invested on the sites chat over the twitch one. I would like to add it in the future update but I will also be in the twitch chat too so I will see what you all say while I stream.

Ok that's it for now... thanks everyone and enjoy! (Read More)

Posted on: February 14, 2016, 09:45:40 AM | By: Moonraid


sitenews Site updates (yea.. late again -.-)
Ok well if you are followin my tweets I've been atempting todo a Twitch stream... yea i hope to do a test stream today so watch for tuat. Also i hope to move over to a new front page layout after the holliday so if you see a change now you know why. I will post a full change log once it's updated.

Oh and for those that have visited the chatroom and i havent responed... I'm not ignoring you when you say hi. I might be eather afk or sleeping. When my client reconnects it resets my nick to default but i do read all msgs there.

Thanks for visiting the site and see ya in the chatroom or the forums. (Read More)

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sitenews Happy New Year (Better late than never eh)
Hello everyone to the new year.. it's 2015 and also the year of the Sheep in the Japanese zodiac. This year I hope to do more to get this site a bit more refined to look more like a proper site. I have been working in the background (well mostly on a local server at my house) some updates I would like to add to the site. The only issue will be talking them from my server (like I said its here at my house) and getting it to work with my webhosts configurations if needed. I have also been working on updating the front page to the site as-well while adding some new things to it.

Last year I had a lot of stuff that went on that kept me from doing more than I wanted. I wanted to work more on this site and get more stuff done and do daily updates. This year I want to get that same stuff done and get more things added. Some goals for this year include (but not limited to):
  • New front page
  • Setup for streaming (Twitch Streaming)
  • [...
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sitenews More Updates
Ok well at least this update isn't as far apart as the last one but still. I'm going to try and post an Update here once a month to show more activity. I hangout in the chatroom so you can talk with me there. Well I live in the chatroom since I don't leave the room except when my net goes all stupid and drops the connection.

Other updates to add is that work started back up for me so I will have paychecks again! This also changes when I'm available for stuff so instead of being online any time I will be limited. My Current times are listed here (opens a new window) so please refer to the post on more details.

In the gaming news department I did get a chance to play the Destiny (Open) Beta on the PS3 and it was awesome. I did create a group/clan so if your interested please see the related post in our "Game Lair" section of the board.  I also have a slew of games I can't wait to p... (Read More)

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sitenews Updates (Way overdue!)
Ok first things first... I'm not dead yet! Well on the net anyway. :P

Right... So to catch everyone up on what's happened to keep me from updating here for so long. As most people know from my ACNL blog I was having some internet issues that was keeping me from doing alot online. I replaced everything in my house dealing with my network.. switches, cables, heck even the router. That did improve my connections but I still was having issues with a constant connection. Turned out it was just my modem because my ISP updated to the DOCIS 3.0 architecture and my old one was only 2.0 so that fixed the problem.

During this time I was having internet issues I was also very busy w/ work. I've been soo tired when I got home I didn't even mess with anything online and kinda just stopped updating here. Most of ya know I work at a school so I'm off for the summer so I have time to post and update crap around here. I've also started a new project/hobby to help kill time over th... (Read More)

Posted on: June 25, 2014, 11:39:43 PM | By: Moonraid