About Us

This website was created mainly as a home for to dabble and experiment on web technologies on a live server enviroment. It first started as just a basic HTML site on one of the many free webhosts out there w/ little information and was used for game information. When it was moved to a it'd own server and recived its domain name (named after my original Nickname I go by in many games) i then opened a BBS type system for buddies to keep in touch or to use as a guild portal for the diffrent MMO guilds I eaither run or hosted for.

The site has had many changes... many face-lifts over the years. It's been the host for many guilds from just as many MMO's I have been in. It's also hosted a variaity of odd programs or scripts from my XML days. It's also been neglected... severely for many of those years aswell from the lack of time.

I'm probably missing some stuff about the site from over the years and less is known about me via this but I will say one thing... If you have ever talked to me eaither in-person or online in some game or forum then you know who I am. Also I tend to keep my real name from online sources as much as I can since i rather be known by my online name when online and vise versa when in person.


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